Hi Folks,

Our names are Sid and Susan, we and our four wonderful children work together to run a family farm.

It is our commitment as a family and as individuals to make a difference in the world in every venture and project we participate in.

Our family farm is 20 acres of land with old forest, developed over the years into an integrated whole, with many innovative inner connected systems; we have been in operation since 1983.

We live at the edge of the beautiful, small, old-Florida town of Micanopy,FL. Gainesville,FL is just 10 miles north of us giving you access to a fun college town and many of the world famous springs known for some of the best snorkeling and diving. There are crystal clear rivers as well for canoeing. Our location gives easy access to Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville; all being two hours from our front door.

We do not use pesticides so we have bugs. We also have lizards, gators, frogs, toads, snakes, and did I mention bugs? It is semi-tropical. It is humid and hot and I LOVE it! 

Call us about pets and children.

We operate a native wetland tree nursery that utilizes a terraced “rice patty” watering system (ebb-flow), one of the first of it’s type ever to come into existence. We also grow all types of fruit trees, as well as flowering shrubs, ornamentals and native trees.

We have a beautiful mile-long nature trail which is continually being refined and expanded.

Our irrigation water passes through a herbaceous aquatic filter bed to naturally feed a pond aquaculture system. Harvest all the fish you can catch but not our pet catfish:) You can see our greenhouse design, maintenance and all types of plant propagation

We welcome international woofers with open arms! This gives us an opportunity to experience other cultures from all over the world.

We also run a top notch breeding kennel. Our wonderful dogs are all of working breeds that love people. Learn many aspects of small animal veterinary science, including lab technology.

Then there is the organic garden which produces some of our food, when there are excesses they sometimes go to local farmer’s markets. There are three in our area.

We are into the arts, drawing, sculpting, photography, web design, pottery, etc.

We also have a large shop that is set up for welding, wood working and equipment maintenance. Those who are interested can learn about hands-on tool fabrication, small engine and motor repair, wood-working and “how to” carpentry projects.

We have immediate and ongoing openings for motivated woofers, who would like to be part of a team.

We have lots of private housing sites on the property with water and electricity. Some woofers may have to share a room with a fellow wwoofer at times or give up a large room to accommodate a couple. We have tent sites as well. Wifi is available at the main house.

Food is provided. We love good food. Most wwoofers cook their own breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a group effort. A typical meal is meat/protein, 2 vegetables, a starch, salad, either home-made bread or a yummy baguette from a store, and dessert.

Everyone helps with cooking dinners and cleaning the kitchen. Routine kitchen work is not considered part of your regular hours. This is required. We are not your parents, we are part of a team.

Most of the work is just routine chores with some big projects. Some special projects we are working on this season are setting up a solar system and miscellaneous building projects.

On-going work includes dog care, chicken and goat care, pig care, wetland tree production, pruning, weeding, composting, vegetable gardening, watering plants, grounds maintenance, equipment maintenance, and much more.

Remember “REAL” farm work is hard, dirty, sometimes repetitive, and always rewarding.

We like to balance work with fun. We have a nice swimming pond, fire-pit & BBQ picnic area. Summer nights often find us taking a dip and enjoying sitting around a fire, eating, engaging in lively conversations and generally having a good time.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Sid and Susan